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Potato Corner Rolling Into The Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico

POSTED ON June 29th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

To commemorate the opening of his second Potato Corner store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our most promising franchisee, Malik H., customized this SUV and made it the:

Potato Corner SUV: Spudster Utility Vehicle: 

The latest Potato Corner to plant its flag on the American map will open up at the Coronado Mall on July 6th! More coverage soon to come.

Grand Opening of Potato Corner Valencia: Special Offer

POSTED ON May 16th  - POSTED IN News, Potato Corner Valencia, promotions

To commemorate the opening of our ninth store in the United States, Potato Corner USA is offering customers new and old a chance to get a FREE Jumbo sized fries of any flavor with your purchase of a Mega Combo. Simply, print the above coupon and present it to the cashier at the time of purchase or look for the one of our friendly staffers handing the flyers out around the mall. It is a “limit one per customer” special, but the offer expires on June 17, 2012 so you’ll have plenty of time to take us up on the offer and spread the good word to your friends.

We’ll have a more in-depth look at our newest location for you after this debut weekend wraps up. If you happen to live in or around the Santa Clarita area, you can try our flavored fries at the Westfield Valencia Town Center (24201 West Valencia Blvd, Valencia, CA 91355). We are not listed on the directory just yet, but you can find our newest Potato Corner kiosk smack dab in the middle of the action of the food court. You can’t miss us! Potato Corner will be open weekdays from 10:00a to 9:00p and on weekends from 11:00a to 7:00p.

Whether you’re new to the Potato Corner or a long time fan, let us know what you think of our newest location at the Westfield Valencia Town Center. Slowly but surely, Potato Corner USA is expanding. We may not be at your local mall now, but given some time and patience, before you know it that familiar Spudster will be glowing on a mall floor near you. To speed up the process, spread the word about Potato Corner!

Highlights From the Plaza Bonita Grand Opening

POSTED ON April 10th  - POSTED IN News, Potato Corner: Plaza Bonita, Spudster, Spudster Sighting

Day One: The Lines

As promised, here are a few snap shots from last weekend’s grand opening of our newest Potato Corner store at the Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall in National City. For more photos, head over to our Facebook page and view our Plaza Bonita Grand Opening photo album.

Fun for the whole family

What with Potato Corner already being an established brand among Southeast Asians (particularly the Filipino population), stoking the flames of anticipation has never been an issue. However, meeting the expectations of die-hard Potato Corner fanatics can be a bit nerve-wracking at times. Granted, French fries are a simple food concept, but duplicating that love-at-first-bite experience is just the tip of the berg. There’s also a matter of serving fresh French fries with a smile all while keeping the line moving.

Under the tutelage of our tireless CO, Guy Koren, #TeamPlazaBonita handled the opening weekend rush superbly and should be equipped to do so for months to come. There will most certainly be some growing pangs, but hopefully with some feedback (either via Yelp, Facebook or Twitter pages) from you our loyal spudsters, Team Plaza Bonita will flourish as a permanent staple of the Plaza Bonita Mall food court.

Speaking of spudster, it wouldn’t be a grand opening without a sighting from everyone’s favorite mashed mascot, the Potato Corner Spudster. The kids love him as you can see in the pictures below:

The Plaza Bonita Mall hosts a very diverse demographic, one which we think suits our brand perfectly. Everyone loves French fries as is. Just wait until they sink their teeth into our savory flavored fries. Stay tuned to the blog for more developments pertaining to anything and everything Potato Corner USA and keep in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for reading.

Plaza Bonita Opens…Seriously

POSTED ON April 6th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

There she is! The newest location to be added to the  USA franchise family, Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall in National City, California.

After a minor setback that delayed our grand opening a whole week, we managed to pass the last of the inspections early Wednesday morning. We’ve already had a soft opening, which, surprisingly, already attracted quite a few eager beavers. The official grand opening that everyone has been waiting for is this Saturday the 7th of April!

We’ll have our johnny-on-the-spot photographer, Cesar, there to commemorate the event with a few snapshots. For you instagrammers out there, we totally invite you to take a few flicks of your own and, by all means, share them with the rest of the spudsters on the Potato Corner social network: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I suppose now it’s onto the next one. If we are ever going to reach our quota of 30 total Potato Corner USA locations by the end of 2013, we’ve got to keep up this momentum. Let’s get it shaking, spudsters. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.


Grand Opening at Plaza Bonita Delayed

POSTED ON April 2nd  - POSTED IN News, Potato Corner: Plaza Bonita

The grand opening of the latest Potato Corner USA store at the Plaza Bonita Mall in National City, California has been delayed. Due to certain minor infractions cited by the Fire and Health Department, we had no choice but to push back the grand opening until this coming Saturday, the 7th of April, with a soft launch on Thursday the 5th.

We are well aware of the disappointment this might stir among our loyal spudsters. Our franchisee in National City is just as bummed. Take solace knowing that once our Plaza Bonita store meets the demands of the Health and Fire inspections, you will be able to grub a Mega of your favorite flavored fries any time you want from Saturday on out.

Although we don’t expect any further delays, in the event there are any, you can be sure we will be the first to alert you. Just keep checking back into our Blog, Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Flat Screen Menu Boards For The Win

POSTED ON March 29th  - POSTED IN News, Potato Corner: Plaza Bonita, Technology

Here’s yet another sneak peak at our latest location within the Plaza Bonita Mall in National City, California. What you see before you is a bit of familiar technology not widely used at our other locations…at least not yet. What do you think? These flat panel HD screens will function as our menu board. Not too hard on the eyes, eh?

The very first Potato Corner in the San Diego county area is set to open officially on Saturday the 30th of March. The anticipation isn’t just killing us. Our fans are pretty amped too!

Five Star Cards In, Punch Cards Out

As we approach the grand opening of our eighth Potato Corner franchise location in the United States and sixth location in the state of California, alone, we have also been busy working on our customer incentives. Thus far, Potato Corner USA has gotten on the old  discount site bandwagon with GroupOn as well as Living Social and the promotions were received rather warmly by the spudster public.

Both trial runs were conducted at our flag store location at the Westfield Mall in Santa Anita and both promotions were snatched up eagerly. Within a three day window of opportunity, over 1,000 vouchers, offering customers a veritable 2-for-1, were purchased through GroupOn and a similar offer on Living Social was purchased precisely 1,182 times. For an individual location, those numbers are pretty stellar. The publicity, alone, made the small sacrifice of  less profit worthwhile as a new circle of Potato Corner fanatics had been reigned into the fold.

Having seen the raw power of sites like GroupOn and Living Social, Potato Corner franchisees will soon try their own hand, but not before we iron out a few more bugs with our POS system. Handling such a high volume of promotional codes and discounts can wreak havoc on accounting. Until our systems are sorted out, we decided to bring back the awards program, only newer aged.

Earn 10 Points & Get 1 Free Mega Fries

Potato Corner USA is determined to usher the Potato Corner brand into the cutting edge of social media and QSR technologies. When we first started our rewards program, a punch card was used. For those of you, who have ever forged your parent’s signature on a not-so-stellar report card, you already have an understanding why we had to re-figure that promotion. Today, we are proud to say we have conquered that growing-pain by signing up with Five Stars.

Five Stars  takes the traditional punch card to a whole new level. They Five Stars Card is a single car that works at HUNDREDS of locations aroud the Bay Area. Whether you’re enjoying a hot cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop, grabbing a quick bite at the sandwich shop by your office, or picking up a drink on the weekend, Five Stars is the only card you’ll need to get points and earn rewards. Pick one up today and get Five Stars treatment you deserve!”

Five Stars is an ambitious start-up in an up-and-coming sector in discount retail. When they approached us with the prospect of relaying our customer rewards program with their system, we were a little hesitant at first, but their ambition and hunger won us over. The heads of Potato Corner USA saw in them the same entrepreneurial spirit that Jojo Magsaysay, co-founder and CEO of Potato Corner, saw in us. It is only we right we give them a shot a we would any one interested in opening their very own Potato Corner franchise.

The current rewards program is based on a points system. For every mega you purchase, you earn one point towards a Free Mega sized fries, which can be redeemed after you earn 10 points. How this applies to other sizes is still a bit uncertain to me at the moment. As soon as I get the specifics, you had better believe you, my readers, will be the first to be in the know. Until then, what I can tell you is all locations in the California state are participants in the Five Stars Card loyalty program so get your Five Stars Card and start earning your way to a free Mega of any flavored fries your heart desires. You were going to eat our delicious fries any ways, right? Might as well reap the benefits of being a loyal customer too!

Sneak Peak: Plaza Bonita

POSTED ON March 6th  - POSTED IN Franchising, News, Potato Corner: Plaza Bonita

Plaza Bonita Mall in National City, CA

We are just a little over a week away from launching Potato Corner USA’s eighth ever store at the Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall in National City, California. This actually marks the sixth location to open up in the state of California and the first in the San Diego area.

To give you a little background information regarding the Plaza Bonita Mall, this recently remodeled shopping mall spans some 816,000 square feet. One of the most vital additions to this revamped mall was the addition of the AMC Plaza Bonita 14 movie theater, which also happens to be the second busiest theater in all of San Diego after the AMC Mission Valley 20. Typically, any proximity to busy movie theaters is always advantageous to a snack food concept like Potato Corner’s as flavored fries offer movie goers an alternative to buttery popcorn. Our Los Cerritos, Americana (prior to the move) and our Tanforan (before the closure) locations are all testaments to that.

Although our franchisees were not fortunate enough to secure a space near the theater, close proximity to Plaza Bonita’s long-standing food court works just as well. As you can see in the picture at left, this particular location will benefit from a consistent flow of foot traffic navigating their way to and from the food court. When scouting for potential locations to open up shop, positioning really is everything. QSR Magazine actually had a great read regarding the evolution of mall food courts (“Shopping Mall Food Courts Update Design and Offers“).

Under Wraps



As I write this, the Potato Corner training staff is gearing up to head down south to National City, which is roughly 15 minutes away from US/Mexico border. We are pretty confident our newest franchisees will do quite well at the Plaza Bonita Mall. Aside from the amenities (i.e. Cafe Terrace and a new playground area for children) installed by Westfield at the Plaza Bonita, there is also a fairly large Filipino population in National City, which we hope will serve our brand well when trying to familiarize our food concept with the rest of the residents.  All it takes is a taste of our unique flavored fries and they could very well be a customer for life.

Our Plaza Bonita location has a soft opening of next coming Friday (March 23rd, 2012). Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for pictures, news and other up-to-the-minute updates regarding our latest endeavor in the US market. Thank you for reading.

Yelp Us Out With A Review

According to a somewhat recent study conducted by Michael Luca, an assistant professor at the Harvard School of Business, a positive review on Yelp really does lead to an increase in patronage for participating restaurants. As a matter of fact, a one star increase in a restaurant’s rating had been proven to yield anywhere from 5-9% increase in revenue…at least according to the data compiled from from Yelp reviews of Seattle-based  restaurants between 2003 and 2009.

If you’re not familiar with the whole Yelping thing, allow me to break it down for you. Yelp is the Rotten Tomatoes of anything and everything serviceable and consumable – plastic surgeons, mechanics, hair stylists and, in this particular case, restaurants. There, you’ll find review after review from everyday people like you and I. Yelp really is the ultimate in customer feedback, which, apparently, is not only a helpful resource for restaurateurs, but also people looking for new places to eat.

Potato Corner, being the new kid on the proverbial block that it is, has benefited from a rush of positive Yelp reviews. Of the four locations in the state of California where Yelping is commonplace, the Potato Corner USA franchise has basked in the limelight of a gleaming 4 star average. The American at Brand locations boasts the highest of the lot with a 4 1/2 star average rating. Before our Tanforan location closed earlier this year, they had racked up a 3 1/2 star average from 36 total reviews. The Potato Corner franchises in Lubbock, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, have zero reviews between the two of them, which would seem to indicate either of two things:

  • The folks in New Mexico and Texas are not exactly keen on Yelping 


  • No one is aware that Potato Corner is, in fact, on Yelp.

Regardless, we, at Potato Corner, are going to start ramping up our efforts to get the brand out there in the public’s faces. Look for the Yelp sticker on our display glass and write us a review sometime. It doesn’t have to be Shakespearean prose and poetry. The best part about Yelp is that it is totally conversational, which is probably why people put so much stock in the general consensus of a place’s rating. The reviews are written by the people for the people.

We look forward to reading your reviews. Our social media team even goes so far as to share a few with the 8,900+ fans on the Potato Corner Facebook page (Yelp Review Wall of Fame).