Potato Corner Menu. Very top shows Potato Corner logo and text that says THE WORLD'S BEST FLAVORED FRENCH FRIES. Step 1 Says Pick Your Size. You can choose Jumbo (247-300 calories), Mega (412-500 calories), Giga (659-800 calories). Step says is pick your style: Original (straight) fries, tater totes, jo jo chips, loopy fries for an extra 50 cents, sweet potato for an extra dollar. Step 3 is pick your flavor: BBQ (32 cal, 40 cal, 72 cal), CHEDDAR (32 cal, 40 cal, 72 cal), SOUR CREAM & ONION (34 cal, 40 cal, 72 cal), CHILI BBQ(27 cal, 34 cal, 61 cal), CINNAMON & SUGAR (34 cal, 40 cal, 72 cal), GARLIC & PARMESAN (27 cal, 34 cal, 61 cal).   You have the option for chicken combos which includes mega fries, medium drink and dip. Your choice of 3 tenders, 5 wings, or 7 poppers. 1530-2600 calories.  You have the option for a kids combo which includes jumbo fries and small drink and dip. Your choice of 2 tenders or 4 poppers. 700-1100 calories.  You have the option for fries combos which includes a drink. Jumbo 400-600 calories, mega 600-800 calories, giga (800-1000 calories).  All combos may substitute loopy or sweet potato fries.  You have the option for just chicken.  Chicken tenders: 3 piece and 1 dip or 6 piece and 2 dips. 900-1400 calories. Bucket of wings: 6 piece and 1 drop or 12 pieces and 2 dips or 18 pieces and 3 dips. (850-2500 calories) Chicken poppers: 7 piece or 11 piece. (900-1500 calories)   Even more items to choose from: Baked potatoes: plain, sour cream and chives, chili cheese 115-527 calories Chili Cheese Fries: 699 calories Dips and extras: BBQ, Buffalo, Ranch, Honey Mustard, or Thousand Island. Sour cream, jalapeƱos or bacon bits  Drinks: Coke beverages 200-600 calories Fresh Lemonade 110-220 calories Icee: Cherry or Blue Raspberry 213-247 calories Bottled Water   Text at very bottom says always fresh to order